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Jussi Oksanen
Jussi Oksanen
One look at Jussi Oksanen's accomplishments and it's easy to understand why he's the Finn with perma-grin. He's hammered out groundbreaking video parts with Standard Films, Robot Food, Kingpin, Mack Dawg and Burton. He's won four Winter X medals, stood atop the podium at the U.S. Open, Air & Style, the European Open and he's an Olympian. Oksanen is a legend, hands down. However like many legends, he isn't coasting on his past accomplishments, he continues to put out jaw-dropping video parts and show up in all the major magazines. When it came time to choose which of the world's best snowboarders should compete in the first Real Snow Backcountry, he was an easy pick. Two awards -- for Fan Favorite and Judge's Choice for Winter X bronze can't be wrong. - Excerpt from ESPN Action sports written by Matty Vanatta
On the Road Part 3 | Nature's Beauty March 3th, 2013

MIZU Advocates Jussi Oksanen and Jeremy Jones' #Mizulife...

On the Road Part 2 | The Crew March 3th, 2013

Jussi, Jeremy Jones and friends venturing around shooting an upcoming Burton film...Can't leave a trip without their MIZU bottles!

MIZU: Why the road trip?

Jussi: We just wanted to change it up because we've been in Whistler all season. A little adventure road trip sounded fun!

On the Road Part 1 | Hyder, Alaska March 3th, 2013
MIZU Founder, Jussi Oksanen, and MIZU Advocate, Jeremy Jones, are filming in Alaska for the new Burton movie, which is coming out sometime this fall.
They are staying in Hyder, Alaska, the friendliest ghost town two miles from Stewart B.C. Founded in 1915, you know everyone in town with a total population of 110. No complaints in amazing terrain with average snow fall at 12 ft., Jussi and Jeremy are on an adventure of a lifetime.
Check out some exclusive photos from Jussi of Hyder, Alaska...




Jussi Oksanen Pro Bottle January 1rd, 2013

Jussi is the founder of Mizu and strongly believes in our mission to help reduce the use of single-use plastic containers. He has put so much time and effort into Mizu, so we are proud to announce the release of his light-weight double wall pro bottle - now available in stores and on our website. 

Also, check out an inspiring interview about Jussi's passion for snowboarding:


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Mizu Water Truck Project on GoFundMe November 11th, 2012

Mizu is currently raising capital to fund the growth of its business and the development of some innovative ideas to help provide solutions for reducing single-use plastic. One such fundraising effort is currently running on "Go Fund Me", one of the most trusted online crowd funding sites. The project entails Mizu purchasing an old military grade water truck and converting it to a promotional vehicle that dispenses potable water for big events. 

The video explains it all, but the truck’s tank will be re-shaped to mimic the classic Mizu bottle design. Filters, water chillers and taps will be added and the plans include converting the engine to run on bio-diesel fuel. When finished, Mizu will have a complete solution for events to go 100% plastic water bottle free. Join the Mizu family by supporting our water truck project on Go Fund Me