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Kazu Kokubo
Kazu Kokubo
The 23-year-old is best known stateside for his second halfpipe win, in a row, at the US Open in 2011. And, oh yeah, causing an absolute shit-storm by “dressing like a snowboarder” during the 2010 Winter Olympics. It’s old news now, but it knocked Kazu’s notoriety up a level in Japan. Car Danchi’s Neil Hartmann explains how it played out over there: “Japanese people on the street were laughing at the way [the media] blew it out of proportion. It was probably tough for Kazu at the time, but in the end, he did a great thing for snowboarding here. For a few weeks everybody was talking about him and snowboarding and culture—taxi drivers, noodle cooks, even my 74-year-old neighbor asked me about Kazu. Although he didn’t get a medal, everyone came away stoked on his performance and proud of him.” It’s not just Japanese people who are “proud” of Kazu (who now lives in SoCal). His ridiculously stylish riding makes you proud to be a snowboarder. From his massive, expressive McTwists in contest situations to his balls-out spins in film parts, Kazu’s riding folds in some special dimension of joy that makes you smile when you see it: part beagle puppy, part beast. - TW/Snowboarding Pro Spotlight March 2012 written by Collin Whyte/Red Card
Kazu Kokubo Pro Bottle December 12th, 2012

Kazu has been a committed advocate of Mizu for many years, and continues to support our mission to help reduce the use of single-use plastic containers. We are proud to announce the release of his pro bottle - now available in stores and on our website. Thanks for your support Kazu!

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