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Mizu Signs Exclusive Licensing Agreements with Electric, Nixon, Poler & Volcom January 27th, 2013


Encinitas, CA. – Jan 28th, 2013 – At Mizu, we believe that water is nature's original energy drink. We've been on a mission to reduce single-use plastic since 2008, when the company was established by pro snowboarder Jussi Oksanen and friends to reduce the plastic bottle trail that followed them on their travels. Where Mizu has been producing bottles for several great action sports brands since inception, these new licensing agreements now allow Mizu to sell these brands directly to retailers. 

"All of us at Volcom are excited about expanding our relationship with Mizu, and building this program along with a great group of complementary brands," says Dutch Schultz, Volcom's VP Merchandise and Design.

This program is designed specifically for action sports retailers that are new to the reusable container market by offering top-quality bottles under the best-selling brands already in their stores: Volcom, Electric, Nixon, Poler, with more to come.

"It's exciting to see these marquee names coming together to make a difference on this level," explains Mizu CEO Tim Pogue. "For the first time, retailers can easily get involved in this fast-growing new accessory category with product from some of the industry’s best known brands, all from a single source: Mizu."

The new retail initiative includes a custom display rack that holds the bottles in a stylish, secure manner backed up by an aggressive service and restocking program. Retailers looking to really make a statement also have the option to purchase a Mizu Water Cooler and offer chilled, filtered water.

Sample lines are ready for preview now and in stores June, 2013.

US retail prices range from $18.95 - $32.95. All bottles will be available in three sizes to suit any activity. Partial proceeds will be donated to a water-related cause chosen by each partner.

Retailers, reps and distributors interested in getting involved with this exciting new program should contact


Twitter @Mizu_Life

Instagram @mizulife

Press Contact: Email


 About Mizu:

Mizu is the original action sports water bottle brand, providing innovative reusable containers that help reduce waste created by single-use plastic bottles and cups. The Mizu family includes action sports industry veterans, skate legend Arto Saari; pro snowboarders Nicolas Müller, Loiuf Paradis, Jeremy Jones and Kazu Kokubo; and pro surfers Alex Gray, Liz Clark, and Taylor Knox.We are unified by our passion for our sports and respect for the oceans, mountains and parks we play in. At Mizu, our core mission is to give you smart options over plastic containers so that you can go out, have fun and feel good about it. Our lifestyle is our inspiration. Sustainable design and individuality are important to us. This is Mizu Life.



Mizu Helps Hurricane Sandy Effort January 10th, 2013


This Story Courtesy of The 1/10/2013

Alliance for a Living Ocean had sensed the start of a local shift away from single-use plastic water bottles. Then Sandy hit, said Executive Director Chris Huch, and they became necessary on Long Beach Island and parts of the mainland for a period of time when the tap water was not deemed safe to drink. With the water now potable again, ALO is resuming the push to remind people about the environmental irresponsibility of throw-away plastic containers, and to encourage the simple and inexpensive alternative: fill up a reusable bottle.

Through the sale of Mizu stainless steel water bottles at ALOs area cleanups, the organization is promoting reusable canteens as well as helping storm recovery efforts, as all the proceeds benefit the Jetty + Waves 4 Water movement, a partnership between a local surf apparel company and a nonprofit working globally to bring clean water to communities in need.

W4W has retooled their mission a bit for their first project on American soil, the Jetty crew notes on its website,, but in the end it is all about an intelligent approach to disaster recovery.

As Jetty co-owner Jeremy DeFilippis explained, Mizu donated the bottles to our relief effort (and) we figured that branding them with a Jetty + W4W sticker would make them attractive for sale, thus potential for raising more money.

The bottles currently sell for $10 at ALOs cleanups, one of which was held last Saturday. (See related story.) We had a few dozen volunteers last weekend and raised $130 through selling the bottles, said DeFilippis. Every dollar counts and will help tremendously! Something so simple, like using a canteen for drinking water, can help us make a great impact on reducing the amount of plastic waste in our environment.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic and millions of barrels of oil are used to manufacture single-serve bottled water each year, and most of those bottles wind up in the landfill or the ocean. During our cleanups, the number of plastic bottles and caps we find is so, so high, said Huch.

Mizu, an action sports water bottle brand based in California, is very well-connected to the surfing community out there, he explained. And theyre not only a business; theyre a movement. … They reached out to us at some point last year, and we started talking about how to reach people and educate them about the importance of reducing plastic waste by utilizing reusable bottles.

At Mizu, our core mission is to give you smart options over plastic containers so that you can go out, have fun and feel good about it, as stated on the company website,

After Sandy, Huch’s friend and local surfer Jonathan Hoover contacted Mizu CEO Tim Pogue; Huch and Pogue talked; and the company recently donated the water bottles, which were all then stickered with a Jetty + Waves 4 Water design.

The bottles will be for sale at future ALO cleanups, and we do have plans to get them up for sale through the local surf shops at some point, said Huch.

Were returning to a sense of normalcy, Huch added, and it is with that in mind that the organization is back to pursuing a number of its initiatives. (However, ALO’s office in Ship Bottom saw about 3½ feet of water during Sandy, and Huch doesn't anticipate returning there until at least March.)

A recent ban on single-use plastic water bottles in Concord, Mass. – following a campaign by activists in that town – shows that such a law is possible, and while ALO prefers grassroots action, Huch acknowledges that policies can be helpful in changing minds and actions.

For now, the organization plans to continue its hydration stations campaign on the Island to give residents and vacationers a number of spots to fill up reusable water bottles during the summer months. A few of these tankless units, which provide free, cold, filtered water, were installed in Long Beach Township and Barnegat Light last year.

Although some of the units were damaged during Sandy, ALO plans to repair and rebuild them, and hopes other municipalities will agree to have stations installed.

The units, which cost about $500, were made possible by an anonymous donation of $15,000 to ALO, and Huch said only about $2,000 or $3,000 has been used so far.

The hydration stations campaign was created to help eliminate single-use plastic water bottles, he explained last year. Plastics are a huge concern in the marine environment, and bottled water is one of the biggest contributors of waste plastic to our oceans. By creating hydration stations, citizens can fill up reusable water bottles and reduce the use of plastics.

As Long Beach Township Recycling Coordinator Angela Contillo Andersen remarked, “’Put water in your bottle, not your bottle in the water’ is the mantra” of the partners in this effort, which includes the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences and Kaplers Pharmacy in addition to ALO, ReClam the Bay and the participating municipalities.

The hydration station project makes economic and environmental sense for our community,” she said.

And as Huch pointed out, when it comes to both recovering now and looking ahead to the future, “were all in this together.

— Juliet Kaszas-Hoch

Jussi Oksanen Pro Bottle January 3rd, 2013

Jussi is the founder of Mizu and strongly believes in our mission to help reduce the use of single-use plastic containers. He has put so much time and effort into Mizu, so we are proud to announce the release of his light-weight double wall pro bottle - now available in stores and on our website. 

Also, check out an inspiring interview about Jussi's passion for snowboarding:


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