Lifetime Warranty

Thank you for purchasing a Mizu container.  It’s extremely durable and a great choice for your health and the environment.

Mizu backs all our containers with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.  Scratches and dents from dropping or normal use that do not affect the use or safety of the bottle do not qualify for this warranty.  Please note that the paint and graphics on your bottle can be chipped and scratched from normal abrasion and impacts, this is not a defect.  Our one-year warranty for the paint and graphics covers only peeling and flaking .


For best results, FILL with preferred beverage, go have FUN, DRINK – REPEAT until fully stoked (or tired).

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Mizu containers are dishwasher safe (top shelf only), but washing by hand with warm water and a bottlebrush is recommended.  Please be aware some dishwashers can remove the paint/graphics from bottles, so if you want to extend the life of the paint/graphic, please wash by hand.

WARNINGS: Do not freeze your Mizu container
Use caution when filling with hot liquids
Do not put your Mizu container in the microwave.
Do not run over your Mizu bottle with a steamroller.

Warranty only applies to products purchased from authorized Mizu dealers or our web store.

Returns & Exchange Policy

If you purchased or received a product directly from and would like to return or exchange it within 30 days, we can issue you a refund or web-store credit for exchange. Returned goods must be in perfect, unused condition and must be made within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, we will not accept returns for any reason other than manufacturer defect.

If you purchased your product from a retail store or a website other than, please go directly to the original place of purchase.

If You Received the Wrong Product

If you received the wrong product in your shipment, or are missing something from your order, please contact us direct at To expedite a resolution, please indicate your web order number (it’s a ten digit number on the invoice you received with your order), as well as the item that was shipped in error or was missing from your order. We will process a replacement shipment and provide return instructions if applicable as soon as possible.

Returns & Exchanges Procedure</p>

To process a return or exchange, please email us at If the reason for return or exchange is a warranty issue, we will need you to include a photo that clearly shows the problem. Returns take approximately 7-10 business days to process and do require a Return Authorization Form (if applicable). Return Authorization Forms are issued by email after we receive a request for exchange/return.

All warranty claims must be submitted to and include a photo of the defective product and the original retail receipt. The Lifetime Warranty is valid only to the original purchaser.

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Havasu Falls, shot by Chris Burkard
Check Out The Classic M8 And See Our Latest Custom Bottles.
Who Is Mizu? The original action sports water bottle brand.
Mizu is the Japanese word for water and the company is dedicated to Protecting Where We Play by providing innovative reusable containers that help reduce waste created by single-use bottles and cups. Mizu's core mission is to provide active people with smart hydration and drink ware options so that we can go have fun and feel good about it. Mizu partner brands include Nixon, Volcom, Electric, CAPiTA, Poler, Roark, Girl & Chocolate Skateboards and Burton. The Mizu family spans the globe and includes action sports industry veterans and professional athletes that are unified by a passion for our sports and a deeply seeded respect for the oceans, mountains and cities we play in. We call this living a #mizulife.
WHY MIZU There are four great reasons to buy and use a Mizu container.
• 50 billion plastic beverage bottles are produced each year.
• Only 1 in 5 plastic bottles are recycled in the US – only 1 in 10 globally.
• This means 40 billion plastic bottles EVERY YEAR end up in our oceans and landfills.
• Our food chain, especially in the ocean, is already polluted with toxins from these plastics.
• Every year, the production of plastic bottles uses 17 million barrels of oil, equal to fueling 1 million cars for a year.
• It takes 3 bottles of water to produce 1 plastic water bottle.
• Unlike the recycling of plastic, there is a huge and active market for scrap metal and steel.
• Each year, North America recycles more steel than all plastics combined.
• An average of 25% of the steel in the Mizu bottle you’re holding used to be something else, like a refrigerator or a Samurai sword.
• Tap water undergoes 480 tests per month for contaminants, bottled water is only tested once per week (
• Bottled water is NOT tested for e. coli, required to reveal its source or required to produce quality reports.
• 40% of all bottled water comes from taps.
• All Mizu containers are made from food grade stainless steel. This 18/8 stainless steel is durable, easy to sanitize and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel is a safe option because no chemicals can migrate to beverages – not so for any plastic or aluminum.
• BPA is a synthetic estrogen used as a bonding agent and is found in most plastics to make it strong and translucent. The FDA has confirmed that toxins found in BPA leech from the container to the water and can cause numerous health concerns.
• Unlike single-use plastic bottles or lined aluminum bottles, Mizu containers are 100% BPA FREE.
• DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE – Many plastic and aluminum bottle producers claim to be BPA free, but there is no agency that confirms this to be true.
• If no BPA, then what is in there? Even if you assume that the companies producing BPA free plastic or aluminum, then what are they using? What new chemicals might be in there that we don't know can harm us? BOTTOM LINE - 18/8 food grade stainless steel is nothing but stainless steel - you know exactly what you're getting.
• The average US consumer uses 234 water bottles per year costing on average $346 per year.
• Tap water costs about $.0015/gallon. Bottled water costs $10.00/gallon.
• Even with the ridiculous prices that gas has risen to, bottled water is more than double the cost per gallon than gasoline.
• A Mizu M8 bottle costs $18.95 and can be used for a lifetime.
• Mizu only produces the highest quality products and offers a lifetime warranty to back them up.
• Since this industry is highly unregulated, many online sources for stainless steel water bottles that claim to be selling 18/8 food grade stainless are actually selling bottles that are made from 18/0 stainless steel. These bottles will actually begin to rust and can leave a “tinny” taste in your water.
• Mizu has built its reputation by focusing on quality, which has led to collaboration partnerships with some of the biggest and best brands in the world.