Mizu Mission with Skye Walker

We just brought the extremely talented and unique artist Skye Walker in to the Mizu fold. Being a surfer, adventurer and all-around cool guy, we couldn’t think of a better way to welcome him to the family than to take him on a Mizu Mission!

Skye spent three days wild camping and exploring in Big Sur, California, with fellow Mizu friends Jussi Oksanen and Kurt Wastell. They came home with great memories, rad photos and a new found respect for each others’ life stories, which is pretty much what a Mizu Mission is all about…


“For me, Mizu means adventure, conservation, curiosity, art, fun and being free to do what makes you happy in this world”

“My first Mizu Mission was a last minute trip to the amazing coastline in Big Sur, California. No real plans – just winging it.”



“It was an epic adventure complete with hidden trail hikes, waterfalls, boulder fields, amazing secret campsites off gnarly 4×4 roads and mind blowing views on top of mountains, off cliffs and right on the shoreline.”


“We didn’t score any surf and the weather changed every hour- but it didn’t matter because we just went with the flow and had a blast. We saw whales, hawks, fish, lagoons, crabs, dragonflies, birds, the elusive Bruce Jenner and of course… A zebra.”

“This trip reminded me how rad it is to get out in the world on the road less traveled and be open to new experiences. Because there is adventure and beauty around every turn, under every rock and in every minute on a Mizu Mission.”

Words in italics by Skye Walker