Where To Fill Your Reusable Bottle


It’s all well and good having a reusable water bottle, but what happens once you’ve left home and drunk all the contents while out on the road? Do you stay thirsty until you get back to the house? Carry a quiver of bottles? Head to the dark side and buy a single-serve plastic one? Nah, of course not!

Our hands-on research over the years with many miles of travel under our belts has shown you are never more than a few minutes away from a perfect fill-up zone. From soda fountain water dispensing buttons to your local coffee shop, there is no shortage of water to fill up your bottle. We’ve listed some of our favorite hydration stops here, but we’re sure you’ve got a few of your own to add!



By far our favorite (as it usually means you are on a cool mission) the great outdoors offers numerous water options. From natural springs to melting icicles, if you are lucky enough to get it from the source, take it. Just don’t forget to use whichever on-the-go filtration system you have!



They may be in the business of selling coffee and cake, but we’ve never met a coffee shop that has refused us a reusable bottle refill. Granted, we normally ask once we’ve ordered something, but this is a golden option, especially when in airports.



Have you ever noticed that little button that says ‘water’ on the soda fountain machines? If you haven’t, check it out next time you pass one and don’t forget to fill your bottle up while you are there!



You’ve probably noticed how much restaurants love giving away silly amounts of water (how many refills can you possibly drink in one sitting?!) but if you are out for the day, don’t forget to ask them to fill your own bottle up before you leave. In fact, there are a lot of restaurants that are happy to fill your reusable bottle even if you are not eating there, and there are even apps (www.tapit.com)  you can download on your phone that will show you which ones are game.



Way back when the convenience of buying water in little plastic bottles hadn’t been invented, people drank from public water fountains. Well, many people still do and it’s a great option for filling your bottle, especially with the push by many local authorities to install modern, filtered, touch-of-a-button fountains for free public use. Once again, you can find where the ones near you are with local apps that tie in with GPS.

We hope that with all this in your back pocket, the next time you step out of your house armed with your reusable water bottle you will breathe easy in the knowledge that you won’t be far from a hydration station!


What’s your go-to fill up option? Let us know what we are missing from our list!