Protecting Where We Play is the true ethos of Mizu, but protecting your valued electronics is where LifeProof finds its purpose. Nestled in the mountains of Colorado, LifeProof is located in some of the best product testing grounds and wilderness areas for a brand that excels in leading the adventurous lifestyles that necessitate their quality product. Mizu was fortunate enough to work with the Lifeproof team on a custom M8 and David Oldfield (Creative Director of Lifeproof) immediately took to the outdoors, so he could enjoy Mizu and Lifeproof living together in their natural setting.


How did you first hear about the Mizu Custom program?

We first met Jussi as a rider on one of our snowboarding photo shoots in the backcountry of Alaska. As we traipsed through the snow looking for sick spots to shred, he told us all about Mizu and its ethos. We were stoked on the story and the product, so we decided to do a custom run.


 What about Mizu and their custom program made it a great fit for your brand?

LifeProof and Mizu both believe in exploration, adventure and leaving nothing behind. Mizu keeps people hydrated wherever they travel — we keep them connected to their device no matter the conditions. We also share the belief that gear must be tough enough to withstand plenty of punishment in the field, and Mizu bottles are built just as burly as our WaterProof, DirtProof, SnowProof and DropProof cases.



 What is your favorite product in the Mizu line up and how did you choose your custom product?

Let’s be honest … the collapsible Shot Glass is our favorite product because no campfire is complete without a few rounds of Bulleit. However, for our custom product, we opted for the classic M-Series bottle. It’s the perfect size to stuff into a pack (next to the bourbon) and holds enough water to last long outings.

Does your brand support a cause initiative?

As a member of the Otter Products family, we support the Otter Cares Foundation. Otter Cares champions innovative education that inspires the next generation of entrepreneurs and philanthropists to make a lasting impact in their communities.


How does your brand live a Mizu Life?

LifeProof has the same passion for action as Mizu. We empower our customers to live a life without limits while documenting and sharing their deeds on their LifeProof-protected device. From surf breaks and cityscapes to mountain trails and snow-capped peaks, the world is filled with places to explore, and we want everyone to get out and experience these spaces while staying connected.