ENJOY THE JOURNEY, LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND is more than just a tagline for Mizu - it’s the guiding light that drives all company decisions. From the Mizu Cutlery Set that provides a reusable stainless steel fork, knife, spoon, straw and even chopsticks over their single use counterparts, to where it all started with its line of single wall and insulated water bottles to help reduce single use plastic water bottles, every product in the Mizu product line is designed to give consumers a reusable option over single use products.

Rob Machado Foundation

The Rob Machado Foundation was founded upon the fundamental belief that our planet needs to be taken care of, and that there’s no better place to start than with our local communities and our children. It was a natural move for Mizu to team up with Rob and his crew to encourage reusables over single-use and the water filling station program across a growing network of schools.


Sea Shepherd

Mizu was born out of the desire to never have to buy a single use plastic water bottle anywhere in the world. To partner with an organisation like Sea Shepherd whose mission is to protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction, is an obvious step for Mizu.


Changing Tides Foundation

Mizu’s deep roots in action sports made it an easy choice to team up with the amazing women at Changing Tides Foundation. Not only do they rip on a surfboard, but they want to empower young girls and women to protect the planet and promote inclusivity and diversity in and out of the ocean.