From one San Diego local to another, we thought we'd show some love to our good friends over at Saint Archer this month and showcase their latest Mizu x Saint Archer custom collection. If you don't know them already, they are a pretty epic group of people brewing even better beer so check out their full story below. 


How did you first hear about the Mizu Custom program? We were looking to source a great camping mug. We had of course heard of the brand before, being in very similar industries, but didn’t quite know how expansive their custom program was until we took a deeper look. Having collaborated with such influential and respected brands in our space, we knew they were the right fit for us.


What about Mizu and their custom program made it a great fit for your brand? We looked around at a few other companies and collectively settled on Mizu because of their large presence in the outdoor and action sports world, their authentic commitment to protecting the environment and their killer product. Not only is the quality on point, but design wise, it blows the competition out of the water!


What is your favorite product in the Mizu line up and how did you choose your custom product? The V12 by a landslide. We originally came to Mizu because we had our eye on the camp cup but after talking to them and looking further into their product range, we didn’t just stop at the camp cup, we brought on their V12 and V20 growler into the mix as well. The camp cup and the growler both have a very specific use so we thought it would be a good idea to add in some everyday essentials into our product catalog as well, which is why the V12 was such a crucial add on. Not to mention it’s sleek, minimal design aesthetic is right in line with the style and branding of Saint Archer


Does your brand support a cause initiative? Outside of design and quality, one of the reasons we were so stoked to work with Mizu is because of their commitment to do what they do for a cause. That brand ethos is very in line with Saint Archer as a brand as well. We help to support local non-profits all over San Diego and we make it a necessary fundamental of our brand and its operations


How does your brand live a Mizu Life? We have a very strong passion for everything outdoor. Whether is camping, hanging around the campfire drinking beers, hiking, road tripping or surfing, at Saint Archer we all make it a priority to get outside and do things daily. Life is too short to not get out there, explore and get a little dirty