Each week we like to feature a custom bottle collab with likeminded brands we've partnered with. This week we caught up with the team at Jaybird to talk about their recent collaboration with us. Check out the Q&A below to find out more on the Mizu x Jaybird collab!

mizu jaybird custom of the week

How did you first hear about the Mizu Custom program?

We were inspired by the quality of bottles we saw from Mizu, and realized that, similar to us, they just wanted to be there for the athletes they were serving. We reached out to Mizu very early on in Jaybird’s history to make some bottles, and we liked working together so much that we decided to make an official custom.

mizu jaybird custom bottleWhat about Mizu and our custom program made it a great fit for your brand?

Mizu upholds two qualities we greatly value: style and authenticity. The bottles feature good design, and your authenticity comes from Mizu’s founder, Jussi Oksanen, and his connections. We all love winters and snowboarding here at Jaybird, so Jussi is definitely an inspiring figure to us. Our mission is to inspire people to use wireless music to discover their full potential in sports and the outdoors. Similar to Mizu, we want to deliver a product that people are confident to explore with and test their limits.

What is your favorite product in the Mizu line up and how did you choose your custom product?

The M8 is definitely the most functional for us. Its design stands out with the noticeable curves and functional attachment loop on top. We chose a solid color design for our custom product because it’s true to the Jaybird aesthetic. Jaybird has established itself as a premium line with bold, solid colors and a simple, seamless design.

Does your brand support a cause initiative?

Similar to Mizu, we’re inspired by our athletes and support their mind-blowing endeavors as much as possible. The human spirit is capable of anything when inspired, which most often comes from seeing someone do something they didn’t think was possible. As far as supporting our lands, this is another element about Mizu that we find inspiring. Your “Protect Where You Play” patch is pretty solid, and that’s the ideal sentiment we want to start embodying as a brand. Our office is making a move from the Salt Lake Valley to the outdoor-haven of Park City, and we’re brainstorming several ideas right now that will serve the youth of Park City as well as the land.

How does your brand live a Mizu Life?

We bring music to where you sweat! You can’t have sweat without hydration, so water is a big part of our lifestyle. We run trails to breath-taking bodies of water in the summer, and we take full advantage of our plentiful winters here in Utah. We also support the Protect Our Winters foundation in Utah because we know that water is life.

Established in 2006, Jaybird is a pioneer of sports Bluetooth® headphones for runners, outdoor athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. By working closely with their team of professional athletes, Jaybird established itself as the headphone brand for active people who love to power their passion with wireless music. With ultra-small wireless headphones, a secure comfort-fit, sweat-proofing and water-resistance, and incredible, customizable sound, Jaybird continues to evolve and define what it means to motivate people to get outdoors and push themselves with music.

To learn more about our Mizu Custom program click HERE.