We love teaming up with like-minded brands and companies and getting them products that they love. For our Custom of the Week this week we caught up with the crew at Prometheus Design Werx to talk about their recent collaboration with us. Check out the Q&A below to find out more about Prometheus and their custom V8's.

First off, tell us about Prometheus Design Werx! 

We are a specialty outdoor products brand based in San Francisco, CA. We create performance apparel, packs & bags, and accessories for a unique customer. We believe adventure is a state of mind that translates into any and every aspect of your life if you choose to do so. Our goods are designed and mostly made right here in our home state of CA. We create goods for those who walk their own path, and pursue life and adventure on their own terms. We encourage everyone to Be The Outsider.


How did you hear about Mizu?

While we design and produce a wide variety of technical and lifestyle products, we don’t produce water bottles. A friend of ours was coming back from a day of snowboarding and stopped by our metal shop (which is our office too) to hang out and he came in carrying a water bottle that caught our eye. It happened to be a MIZU.


What about Mizu made us a great fit for your brand?

We liked the overall vibe and wide variety of options, sizes, etc. The optional glow in the dark caps are pretty awesome. I mean who doesn’t like glow-in-the-dark? MIZU represents a lifestyle that cover a wide breadth of activities, we like that. Life is too short to pigeonhole yourself.


What are you going to be using your Mizu custom products for?

We take them camping, backpacking, climbing, canyoneering, domestic and international air travel, biking, work...I guess it’s more like what don’t we use them for.

Head on over to Prometheus Design Werx to get one of their custom V8's!