This month we are featuring Hey Bear as our Custom Partner. Their mission is to provide a platform where they can educate adventurers on bear safety, while promoting and giving back to wildlife organizations. 


Q: First, tell us about your brand...

A: Hey Bear, is built off the idea that we can create a larger educational and safety platform around bear awareness within our own backyards. With the initial idea, we thought larger on how to build and develop the connection between outdoor activity, sustainable products, and bear education while promoting and giving back to wildlife organizations. Hey Bear is more than a brand: it's a movement!

With the increase of population moving to the west this movement is needed more than ever. We want to limit the amount of bear and human encounters. Hey Bear wants to provide the correct information to people before heading out on their outdoor adventure. Creating more awareness and keeping people informed will provide a better outcome for communities and bear population. Hey Bear is based in Big Sky, Montana but we want this information to reach all other areas as this applies to many people within the U.S.

On the Hey Bear website, you will find all the up-to-date bear information, check trailheads, take classes, hear from experts, and adventurers that have had close encounters. We want to allow anyone to access this information, get the proper outdoor equipment, and remember to always say Hey Bear!

Q: What's your mission?

A: Hey Bear is more than a brand: it's a movement. Our mission, of awareness and creating quality, sustainable products is focused on promoting symbiotic relationships with bears and their natural habitat. We are adventure-seekers and partners with educational and sustainable organizations with the purpose of connecting and sharing stories to make a difference in our own backyards.


Q: What are you going to be using your Mizu custom products for?

A: Our company has used Mizu products before and we thought that Mizu's and Hey Bear's missions align. Our brand promise is to work with brands that produce quality sustainable products. Hey Bear wants to create a greener footprint. We also want to inform others on how quality products will last longer and provide more stories to your adventures. We want to limit our carbon footprint while promoting the coexistence of humans and bears. By working with Mizu, we can focus on promoting awareness, sustainability, and continuity. 

We have enjoyed working with Mizu because of the quality of the amazing products. Our Hey Bear logo can stand out alone on this mug and cause an immediate reaction to what Hey Bear is. We found that these products especially the camper mug tie into our Hey Bear line with adaptability. This unique product can be used for trips with the incredible durability, a reliable coffee mug, or even a talking piece within your home.

The reason for creating custom products is because we want people to have a daily reminder to think... HEY BEAR. When you look at the camper mug, it makes you responsible to double-check if you are taking all precautions within the outdoors. Also, you think if you are doing your duty within the outdoors to say Hey Bear, to allow the bears to have the option to walk the opposite direction. We want to decrease the encounters for bears and humans. With our resources, stories, and product line it keeps you accountable for your actions. Be responsible and always say Hey Bear. 

You can read more here:

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Written by Rainey Pogue

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