Santa Teresa is a small town in Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica. It’s located about 150 kilometers west of the capital city of San José. We followed outdoor adventure, surf & lifestyle photographer Teagan Maddux on her travels to this epic little surf town with hopes of catching some good waves and good vibes. 


Q: Tell us a little bit about who you are and why you chose to do a Mizu Mission. 

A: “My name is Teagan and I am an outdoor adventure, surf, and lifestyle photographer based in San Diego! I chose to head out on a Mizu Mission to experience all Costa Rica has to offer-- Warm water, good waves, and even better people!”


Q: Where did your mission take you and what did you do?

A: “We spent a month in the small surf town of Santa Teresa. We surfed, explored waterfalls, ate way too many papayas, and took tons of photos! Everyday seriously felt like a dream come true.”


Q: What are some highlights you’d like to share with our readers?

A: One of the highlights was definitely jumping off the top of a 35 foot waterfall! We drove 30 minutes on an ATV to a small town called Montezuma. (On all dirt roads! We were covered in dust afterwards.) From there we hiked 20 min up the river to get to a 3 tiered waterfall. The biggest waterfall was close to 80 feet! Once we got up to the 2nd falls, everyone decided to jump and I almost didn’t! But just before we left, I decided to send it and I am glad I did. It was completely exhilarating and I actually jumped 3 more times.

The 2nd highlight of the trip was when the whole entire town lost power during a gnarly thunderstorm. It was raining like crazy and everyone was walking back from dinner or the bars. Even though the power was out, the whole town felt electric and fully alive. People laughing, running in the rain, and thunder echoing through the streets. We decided to head to the beach to catch a glimpse of the lightning show. ( Probably not very safe, but we survived. ) It was insane. Streaks of lightning lit up the stormy ocean in all directions. For seconds at a time it almost looked like it was light outside again! What an experience that was.”


Q: What inspires you to get outdoors and explore?

A: “From a young age I’ve always had a deep desire to be outside and explore new places. It’s what makes me feel alive! And I definitely still have that ingrained in me. Now that I am older and have my camera in hand, I think what inspires me most is having the ability to capture these beautiful places and experiences, and sharing them with other people who may not have known that place or that feeling even existed. I hope to inspire people to get outside and protect our home!”


Q: How do you manage to adventure while also taking care of the planet along the way?

A: “Bring reusable products and try to say no to single use plastic! Bring your own water bottles, straws, cups, grocery bags etc. If you see trash on the ground, pick it up. Leave a place better than you found it and always practice Leave No Trace Principles. Our home is beautiful. Let’s keep it that way!”


Q: What was your favorite Mizu product/s used throughout the mission and why?

A: “It was pretty darn hot and humid in Costa Rica! I kept my insulated V8 bottle with me at all times! Gotta stay hydrated.”


Q: Any tips and tricks for keeping a low footprint while hitting the road?

A: “Bringing reusable products is a big one. It can be easy to say yes to a plastic straw or plastic utensils, but take the necessary steps to avoid that and always be prepared Walk, bike, or use public transportation when you can. And eat the local cuisine vs. foods that have to be imported.”


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