We love last minute road trips. You know, the kind that comes together the night before leaving and then changes while your wheels are already hitting the tarmac. This trip to Joshua Tree was one of those. When snowboarders Jussi Oksanen and Iikka Backstrom decided to go hike Southern California's highest peak - the San Jacinto Peak (10,834 ft) - with photographer CJ Triebels, they realized en route that they were going to be at the mercy of mountain storms.  

With a quick detour to Joshua Tree, a whole new adventure lay in wait. 

Sometimes, the best plans are the ones you don't make.


Photos by: Jussi Oksanen 

Jussi needed an early morning warm up. Of course, he chose the most suitable rock for it

 Rock roaming is exhausting. Here's proof.

 Scouting out the perfect camp spot. 

CJ Tribels, getting after it. 

 Iikka Backstrom getting some skate action 

 Cooking. Mizu style. 

 The killer camp spot. The fire reflected perfectly to the tent throughout the night. 

If you've never woken up in Joshua Tree, it's time to go. The early light on the rocks is near magical. 

Joshua Tree National Park in all its empty glory.


See you on the next adventure.