Being CEO is no walk in the park. First in, last out of the office. Evenings and weekends hijacked by work. And the buck ending at your feet no matter what the issue might be. Mizu's CEO Tim Pogue is no different... Actually, scrap that. Yes, he is!

Sure he works harder than anyone we've ever met. And no he never takes his finger off the pulse of what is happening within the company, the industry, and the wider world of reusable water bottles and sustainable products. But if ever a CEO embodied what we believe in here at Mizu, it's Tim. We work tirelessly at Mizu to create products that will help us and our extended family across the globe protect the places we play, from the mountains and oceans, to the forests and beyond. Why? Because we LOVE to play! We surf, snowboard, skate, hike, sail, camp and adventure every minute we can. So why would Mizu's CEO be any different?

In fact, this last month we noticed a growing trend on social media: Tim popping up in far flung corners of the world having an annoyingly good time. And when it's all in the name of work, there wasn't a thing we could say other than, "Enjoy."

Take a look for yourself. And if it makes you feel any better, he's chained to his desk for the next month staring at spreadsheets.



Trade shows in Japan also mean days scouting, climbing, and riding down Mt. Yotei

With colleague and Mizu founder pro-snowboarder Jussi Oksanen leading the charge, Tim starting his journey up Mt Yotei, Hokkaido Japan. 
Tim taking our Going Blue Campaign to heart
We pretended we didn't see this one... Tim making the most of a secret Caribbean island.
Powder for days in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the Pow Wow board test
Tim and Domi from Gentemstics  pow wow'ing at the Pow Wow 
Riding down a mountain face like this is probably the most fun you can ever have. Doing it with good friends makes it even better. Rob Kingwill in action here with Tim