Meet our newest Mizu ambassador: Sierra Prescott. An LA-based skateboarder, photographer, author, and all-round rad human, Sierra has a smile as big as her portfolio. And whether it’s her vibrant 70’s-inspired outfits, her smooth skateboard style, or her striking fashion portraits, Sierra leaves a mark wherever she goes. 

Mizu co-founder (and fellow photographer) Jussi Oksanen spent a day cruising Venice Beach with Sierra. Below are some of the things he learned about (possibly) the world’s happiest skateboarding photographer.

Q: Who is Sierra Prescott, and how would you describe your world?

A: Sierra- I am a skateboarder and photographer born and raised in Los Angeles. Super fortunate to say that skating and taking pictures are my top passions and I’m stoked to be living, working and growing with them everyday.

Q: We can’t get enough of your style. Where do you find your style inspiration and is it a lifelong thing?

A: Sierra- Definitely a fan of the 70’s look with a sprinkle of spunky 90’s in there. Muted color palettes, ripped high waisted jeans, corduroy, horizontal stripes with pops of bright color mixed in and probably laced up in Vans! Denim is a need for its durability and I also need stuff that I can jump and move freely in, so I try to pick stuff that can take a solid skate sesh, full day of production—or both.


Q: What’s life like being a female in the heavily male dominated world of skateboarding?

A: Sierra- Getting more equal every day... I mean, growing up it wasn’t a thought, it just was what it was and we all skated together, not boys and girls, just skaters. Recently, more girls are in the spotlight gaining recognition and a lot more eyes are on women skateboarding overall. With that comes the ups and the downs and the ups far outweighs the downs, but there will be jealousy based on skill level --  “Wow an Ollie and you got 4,000 likes” — and the clear difference in profits between genders, but that world is evolving. More skating, less hating!

Q: What would you say to other girls who might feel intimidated hitting their local skatepark?

A: Sierra- The hardest part is that first push. But make it happen, and your focus will shift. Focus on what you set out to do. Are you gonna drop in? Are you gonna learn to tic-tac, kick turn, or get your first grind in? Who cares what anyone else is doing, just do YOU and have fun. Each try will lead to progress, and we all start somewhere.

Q: We’ve got a copy of your book Shredders: Girls Who Skate in our Amazon cart right now! Where did the drive to write a book come from?

A: Sierra- As a photographer, a book has always been a thought, a goal, a dream but it wasn’t something I thought was imminent. The book actually came to be from a contact form reach out on my website. An editor from Ten Speed Press had reached out asking if I’d ever thought about a book, and if given the opportunity, what it would be about. Anne picked my brain for months, and roughly nine months later, I had a contract offer from Penguin and I hit the ground running to make the book happen.

Q: Let’s chat about your photography for a moment. We know there’s a funny story in there about how you got started - could you share it?

A: Sierra- Haha, sure! When I was about five and just back from the grocery store, I pulled out a disposable Kodak from my jacket which I had inadvertently shoplifted— within minutes we were on our way back to actually purchase it and my parents rolled the dice and handed the family point and shoot down to their five year old. From then on I was always snapping away.

Q: Who would be your perfect muse?

A: Sierra- At the bare bones I got into photography because of action and the beauty of it— a moment so graciously caught. A style so badass your jaw drops. A muse to me is anyone doing what they love, using their body and mind, and doing it with ultimate style. If you can get lost in your world doing something you love (like skateboarding does to me) then YOU are a perfect muse to capture.


Q: What’s your favorite Mizu product?

A: Sierra- Ok, I’m bad with favorites but I have a top two! Always important to keep fresh water on me, and I prefer it cold so I like the insulated products and dig the V8 as it lasts a while. Also, I’m a coffee nut, and I love the V5 bottle with the vacuum lid in all stainless steel. It’s so rad and I love to drink coffee out of it.

Q: What will be the go-to lunch in your new Mizu Lunchbox?

A: Sierra- Hmmm probably a bunch of snacks! Raw almonds, cheese, pretzels, hard boiled egg, baby carrots, snap peas, purple grapes and a protein bar: never leave home without one of those.


Check out the links below to read more on Sierra and follow her epic adventures:

Follow her on instagram here: @sierra_prescott

Check out her website:

Snag a copy of her book: Shredders by Sierra Prescott


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