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Jussi lives for the open road. Here's his Road Trip playlist -- enjoy from the safety of your own home for now!

"While we are all hunkered down safe at home right now, it doesn't mean we can't dream about our next epic road trip. Here are some of my favorite road trip tunes to keep the positive vibes going right now!"

- Jussi

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Mizu Cutlery Set

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 Perfect for storing in your car with an easy to clean neoprene zip pouch this Cutlery Set is complete with stainless steel chopsticks, fork, knife, spoon, and straw. 


Mizu 360 V7 Adventure Kit 

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No room for extra water storage? Pack your Mizu 360 V7 Adventure Kit and have the freedom to comfortably fill up with at any fresh stream or lake.


Tumbler 16 

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This cup does it all and fits safely in your car's cupholder when you're on the move.

 ✓Coffee  ✓Beer  ✓Water  ✓Pancake Mix  ✓Cocktails

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