Mizu loves partnering with like-minded brands to give them a premium reusable canvas to tell their brand story.

This month we are featuring our Mizu Custom partners at Outerknown.


First, tell us about your brand?
Outerknown is a coastal lifestyle brand founded by 11x World Champion surfer Kelly Slater and creative director John Moore to smash the formula and prove that clothing can be made in a way that protects both People and Planet. Our men's and women's styles are produced with fair labor, planet-friendly fibers, and a transparent supply network we're proud of! We are committed to pioneering innovation and constant evolution in our design and manufacturing process. We're a lean team based out of our studio in Culver City and our first shop in El Segundo, CA. 
How did you hear about Mizu?
We launched the FUTURESHOP on Outerknown.com last year to supply our community with the most essential goods for living a sustainable lifestyle beyond the clothes we make. When we were deciding which products to stock, we first took a look at what we were personally toting around. Mizu turned out to be one of our team favorites, and our good friend Todd Glaser said he doesn’t travel anywhere without his Mizu cutlery and utensils (we saw this firsthand on the trips we would take with him)! We had also made Mizu x Outerknown water bottles in the past.
"I'm constantly traveling the world and I always have one of these little Mizu travel kits with me. Inside is a steel fork, spoon, pair of chopsticks, knife, and straw. I'm no longer using any plastic silverware or straws when getting takeout abroad." –Todd Glaser, world traveler & photographer 
What about Mizu made us a great fit for your brand?
Anyone who lives on the go as we do should have a reusable kit you can toss in your bag whether you're headed to work or on a proper adventure. We can’t stand single-use plastics and all the unneeded packaging that comes with eating on the go, so we carry Mizu's reusable cutlery everywhere we travel; it’s top quality and looks good too. The sleek neoprene pouch keeps everything in one place, so you know where to find your straw when you need it! And we especially love that Mizu thinks big picture and donates to 1% for the Planet.

What are you going to be using your Mizu custom products for?
Our Mizu Cutlery Set is available in the FUTURESHOP, Outerknown's destination for sustainable innovation, alongside a few other great brands pushing boundaries in sustainability. Whether it's camping, a surf trip, that next plane flight, or an impromptu picnic, our customers are always exploring and sharing their trips with us at #FindYourOuterknown. We expect Mizu will be along for the ride.
Check out Outerknown at  https://www.outerknown.com/  .. Rumor has it they have an epic sale going on with product up to 70% off right now! 
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