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We love teaming up with likeminded brands and companies and getting them products that they love. For our Custom of the Week this week we caught up with the crew at Heart Roasters to talk about their recent collaboration with us. Check out the Q&A below to find out more on the Mizu x Heart Roasters.

How did you first hear about the Mizu Custom program?

Wille Yli-Luoma is a long time friend with Jussi Oksanen who is one of the original founders of Mizu. We were lucky to collaborate with Mizu in September of this year celebrating International Coffee Day.

What about Mizu and their custom program made it a great fit for your brand?

Being able to partner with a company that shares a similar story and has created a high quality product is what drew us to the custom program. The program is so easy to navigate, making it a stress free transaction.

What is your favorite product in the Mizu line up and how did you choose your custom product?

The V5 with coffee lid is currently our favorite Mizu Product. It’s perfect for keeping that coffee hot for hours on end. This is the product we chose to customize for our customers.

Does your brand support a cause initiative?

Heart Roasters supports small farms in countries around the world, working with the farmers directly to ensure they are earning a fair wage for their product.

How does your brand live a Mizu Life?

Heart Roasters was founded by a former professional snowboarder (Wille Yli-Luoma), he used to travel with Jussi Oksanen and both of them started their own companies with. In this case they are different, but with similar vision and drive behind them. At Heart we all tend to enjoy an active lifestyle and also appreciate a well made, high quality product.

About Heart Roasters

The motivation behind our coffee is simple: uncompromising quality. We are a specialty coffee roasting company aiming to bring people a focused and an exceptional coffee experience. We begin with some of the best green coffee from mainly Central America, South America, and Africa. We roast our coffee to the ideal degree, while fully developing complex flavors, and bringing out delicate clarity. The coffee is then cupped in the lab and must pass the standard of excellence before reaching our customers. We believe that starting with quality green coffee enables us to put the care into the roasted coffee we serve—from the source to the final cup. We love what we do and want to share it with you.

Take a seat, let it cool a little, and enjoy the difference in heart coffee.

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