Let’s face it. Being cold is not an ideal state to be in. We all love being warm and cozy but sometimes that’s just not going to happen. One solution to have when you’re faced with cold temps is to have a warm beverage handy to sip and warm you up from the inside out. Here at Mizu, we can help you with just that. Many of our bottles can hold and keep warm/hot beverages nice and steamy for up to 8 hours which is perfect for when you need something hot. Here’s a list of some of the best insulated bottles to have in cold weather.


The V10 is a 34 oz bottle that features both copper lining and a vacuum sealed cap to provide up to 20% increased thermal retention, making it better than most insulated products on the market. The bottle is an excellent choice for a cold winter hike to get you a nice cup of hot coffee, coco, tea, or whatever your heart desires and is the perfect companion for the outdoor adventurer. Another awesome feature? Its durable self-cinching rope handle makes for easy carrying or fastening.



When you want one small, easy-to-stash container to do two jobs, reach for the V5. Designed with coffee and tea in mind, it just happens to work perfectly as a water cup too, making it your go-to traveler when leaving home in the morning. The V5 is a 15 oz insulated wide mouth stainless steel bottle w/ steel lid and is also compatible with our coffee lids. This bottle is your perfect solution for those cold mornings when you need something hot on the go.



When a full working days’ worth of steaming hot caffeine is what you need, the V7 is your answer. Just like the V5, it fits neatly into your car cup holder or the side pocket of your backpack, making for an excellent companion at work or on our adventure outdoors. The V7 is a 22oz insulated wide mouth stainless steel bottle w/ steel lid and is also compatible with our coffee lid.


Camp Cup 

Mizu supercharged the old school tin camp cup by giving it a double-wall insulated stainless steel design, while keeping surfing dawn patrols and camping wake-up calls in mind. When space is at a premium, it can serve as the only cup you need going from morning coffee or tea to your evening Moscow Mule or beer and everything in between, all the while keeping your drinks as hot or cold as you like them.


So there you have it. Four perfect solutions to keep your insides warm while your outsides are cold. And the best part? Once you’re ready for those cold beverages again, the insulation on the bottles keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours making these bottles ideal for year-round use.