best reusable bottle mizu v7

Farewell to another phenomenal year around the sun! 2017 was one for the books and it wouldn’t have been so without the support from our Mizu family around the world. Now that 2017 is all said and done we’re listing a recap of the most popular reusable bottles of the year from our collection. Check it out:

1. V8

No surprise here. The V8 has been our most popular reusable bottle since its creation. The V8 is essential for longer days when you need to step up your hydration. We take it on winter backcountry missions or sunny california surf sessions. We may even fill it up with a few beers (2 ½ to be exact) or a cocktail to enjoy with friends.

Fun fact: the V8 holds an entire bottle of wine within its walls! Perhaps that’s why it’s number one year after year….

best reusable bottle mizu v8

2. V12

The V12 is 36 ounces of pure insulated glory. Camping excursions, beach days, fishing trips, desert missions... You get the picture. The V12 has your back when you need to carry more and go further.

best reusable bottle mizu v12

3. V7

The V7 is the middle-child in our V-Wide family. When a full working days’ worth of steaming hot caffeine or ice-cold water is what you need, the V7 is your answer. Just like the V5, it fits neatly into your car cup holder or the side pocket of your backpack, easily showing why it’s one of our most popular insulated bottles for 2017.

best reusable bottle mizu v7

4. M8 

27 oz. Lightweight. Classic. The M8 easily became one of our most popular products in 2017 because of its ideal size and weight for use at home, in your car, or in the backcountry. Its single wall construction shines when it comes to hiking or long days outdoors where every ounce counts.

best reusable bottle mizu m8

5. V20

The V20 is the big daddy in our V-Wide family. Holding up to 66 oz of hot or cold liquid, the V20 is commonly known as a growler. It boasts two liters of unabashed insulated heaven when you want to bring the party along on your adventures. Whether bringing an extra large ice water, a vat of hot coffee, or post-adventure beers, the V20 makes you the hero of your caravan. No wonder it’s one of the best reusable bottles of 2017.

best reusable bottle mizu v20

Clearly, these five bottles do the deed in just about every situation you need them for. Whether it’s hosting a party, going on a hike or your for day-to-day needs, these bottles are the best which is no surprise why they were the most popular reusable bottles of 2017.