Choosing the right bottle for you can be tricky. Are you looking for a bottle that can keep your beverages hot or cold? Are you looking for a bottle that’s tough and durable? Or, are you looking for something that’s simple and lightweight? Here, we’ll break down the major differences between an insulated water bottle and a single wall water bottle. 


Insulated V and S Series Bottles


1. Keep it Hot, Keep it Cold

The most obvious difference between insulated and single wall bottles is how long they hold their temperatures. Our insulated bottles can keep cold liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot liquids hot for up to 12 hours. We use this at our desks for warm coffee and tea throughout the day, or for keeping water (or beer) icy cold after a long day outside.

2. No Sweat

Ever wonder why some water bottles sweat? Well, when air comes in contact with a cold non-insulated bottle it begins to cool down. If it cools enough, water vapor in the air is condensed and turns to liquid that beads up on the outside of the bottle. With a Mizu vacuum insulated bottle, this doesn’t happen. The outside of the bottle just doesn’t get cold enough, keeping water rings off your table or contents of your bag from getting wet with bottle sweat.

Mizu Staff Favorite Uses:

  • Pack a V20 with cold beer, leave it at camp while you hike, and return to cold beer to share with friends.
  • Brew up your morning coffee, fill your V5, paddle out for a quick dawn patrol, get to the office with warm coffee waiting in your bag.
  • The V8 is our daily driver for water whether we’re running around town, the mountains, or the desert. The classic size delivers cold water all day long.

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Single Wall M Series Bottles


1. Lightweight

A major perk of single wall bottles is their weight. Because single wall battles have only one wall of stainless steel, the bottles are much lighter, easier to carry, and cheaper than their insulated cousins.

2. Durable

Single wall bottles are extremely durable and can be bounced around and roughed up to last through all of your off-the-beaten-path adventures. 

3. More Volume

Single wall bottles carry more liquid while taking up the same amount of space as an insulated bottle. Cut down on weight and add more water for your next day outside.

Mizu Staff Favorite Uses:

  • For the ladies (or guys) who carry around a bag throughout the day, the M5 is the ideal size to easily keep a small bottle on hand at all times.
  • We never set out on a hike, bike, or backcountry adventure without an M8. Ideal size, lightweight, and durable construction make it the perfect adventure bottle.

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