At Mizu, we consider Joshua Tree to be our second home. With rocks to climb, trails to blaze, valleys to camp in and a never ending vast desert-scape to explore, how could you not feel right at home. So, when we heard about a lake that had formed by Barker Dam in Joshua Tree National Forest due to the recent rain storms, it didn't take long for us to hit the road for a quick weekend Mizu Mission. 

We took “Burt,” our 1984 Land Rover out for a weekend of adventure and, as always, J Tree didn't disappoint. 

mizu-mission-joshua-treeWe like to kick every good J Tree trip off with the obligatory rock jump or ten. It's not a proper Mizu Mission without it. Kids, don't try this at home. 

For those of you who have never been rock climbing, we can't recommend it enough. It's a liberating feeling, being one with nature, completely at its will. You see the rock in a way you've never seen it before - you recognize the rifts, the colors and its age. You learn to trust nature and see its endless beauty with every movement.  

The trails never seem to end in Joshua Tree. We have been what seems like 100 times and each time we find a new trail to explore and a new direction to get lost in. We could spend hours just heading nowhere, jumping over rocks and wandering through valleys of cactuses and desert shrubs. 

We heard from some locals that a lake had formed near the Barker Dam, just around the corner from Hidden Valley. Naturally, we wanted to go for little afternoon dip in the lake, it’s not everyday you get to swim in the lake in Joshua Tree National Park. 

What makes this place so epic? You always find new roads and new trails to blaze. We wanted to chase the sun for a last peek of the valley's killer sunsets, have a glass of wine and take it all in. They say the top of the car is the best view in the house. 

It doesn't have to be climbing Everest or exploring the Amazon to be a Mizu Mission. All we need are good friends, a set of wheels and the great outdoors - even if means getting outside for just an hour or so. Sometimes, those are the greatest Mizu Missions of all. 

Cheers, from all of us at Mizu. Enjoy the Journey. Leave Nothing Behind.