For March, we're showing some love to our Australian friends over at Vie Active. 

Vie Active is a yoga brand, built to enable, empower, and inspire women to put their health first and fully embrace the benefits of living an active life. With bold designs and patterns, they make living in active gear look pretty stylish, if you ask us. Read on below to better get to know this killer brand!

mizu-vieactive-m8-water-bottles-reusable-stainlessteelTell us about your company: Noa grew up running and swimming laps at Bondi Beach, Australia with her father who taught her that “the body only does what the mind tells it to.” When he died suddenly in 2007, working out became her therapy, and exercise quickly became more about sanity than vanity. The following year, she left her career in advertising to become a personal trainer. Late in the day in early 2012, she had an epiphany when she realized she was still in her workout clothes, had not had time for a shower, and felt REALLY unstylish. “I thought to myself – why do I have to make this conscious decision every day between being stylish and being fit? Surely I can be both!" The following year, Vie Active was launched with a mission to fuse performance and style. 

How did you first hear about the Mizu Custom program? I found out about Mizu through one of our Vie Active ambassadors, Chelsea Yamase, who is also a Mizu Advocate. Chelsea is the embodiment of our values and brand, she is a female adventurer, who squeezes every second of action, joy and appreciation out of life. Whether she is skydiving, hiking, camping or surfing, she makes the most of every moment and is a great model for our brand. When I saw her carrying a Mizu water bottle in Hawaii, she told me about the Mizu philosophy of combining design and function and how much she loved the product, I knew it was a great chance for us to bring our brand to life while on the go and partner with Mizu.

What about Mizu and their custom program made it a great fit for your brand?Being an active lifestyle brand, there is a natural synergy between Vie Active and Mizu. We are known for our fashion forward prints but also our high performing technical fabrics. This fusion of fashion, function and fit is very similar to the qualities of the Mizu product. We don’t believe that one area should be sacrificed for another. When we created the custom Mizu water bottles, in our signature leopard print, it was an extension of our brand for the active user, employees and partners. Our custom water bottles have made their way into the hands of brand ambassadors, celebrity trainers, local athletes, consumers and media around the world and are a great way for us to promote Vie Active beyond our signature activewear. We love working with like-minded companies that empower communities through an active lifestyle and high performing fashion forward products.

What is your favorite product in the Mizu line up and how did you choose your custom product? We love the M8 in our signature leopard print. It’s sleek, sexy and high quality, just like us. It’s the perfect size for any workout, from the gym, to trail running, to strapping on your mountain bike, it can go just about anywhere and is also the perfect weight. It’s not too heavy to bring with me on all my adventures and always keeps my drinks nice and cold. And most of all, it’s the perfect fashion accessory for any Vie Active outfit. 

 Does your brand support a cause initiative?  Ten years ago my father died in a cycling accident. He was, and continues to be, my biggest inspiration. He died doing something active and something he loved (cycling) but there’s not a day that goes past where I don’t think of him. This Spring, in honor of his death, we are partnering with Zenergy Health Club to host a series of cycling classes and a portion of the proceeds will support a local cycling organization here in Sun Valley. We will also be donating a portion of our profits from our spring collection to the Amy Gillett Foundation, which is a national organization with a mission to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths of bike riders in Australia as well as a similar organization here in the US.

How does your brand live a Mizu Life? Like Mizu, we offer a line of products with both function and design in mind. We build activewear for the creative, style-focused, never-say-no-to-an-adventure type woman. Both Mizu and Vie active, don’t just sell an adventure rich lifestyle, we live it. From our global team of athletes, ambassadors, and explorers right down to our own employees, we spend half our lives outdoors testing our products and making sure they live up to the standards we expect for high performing fashion.

We both agree that a kick-ass product can also be good looking at the same time. We focus on elevated design, innovative finishes and a final product that you’ll want to own as much for how it looks as how it functions. To us, the Mizu Life means pushing the limits, sharing our passions, creating a supporting community and always striving to be the best in all areas of fashion, function and design. Our ingredients for success are: strong, confident, stylish, flawsome, joyful, radiant, and inclusive. We enable and empower women to feel stronger, more confident and happier by living a balanced, health-focused lifestyle and we think the Mizu life embodies these same attributes.