Looking for that next great skate spot that's cop and crowd free? The guys at Antihero Skateboards headed to New Zealand for a camp/skate/film trip and took Mizu along for the ride. Read on below for Rick Charnoski's no-holds-barred stance on kicking plastic to the curb. 

Who are you? Rick Charnoski, Los Angeles Filmmaker.

Why did you pick this location? We picked New Zealand because Julien wanted to take the guys down there, although, it happens to also be one of the best skate destinations. You need to bring your own crew though. Skate parks are everywhere, but there are very few skaters.

What was so special about this trip? The crew, together with the location was a perfect combo. We were free to do whatever we wanted to do and there was plenty to skate, good food, the freedom to camp anywhere and bonus - no cops.

How many Plastic bottles you think your whole crew saved by using Mizu bottles? Hundreds.

What was the biggest challenge on this adventure? Our biggest challenge was keeping our camera batteries charged because we camped almost every night.

What tips do you have to reuse your Mizu and/or choose reusable over single-use while on the road? We need to stop being so lazy and selfish as consumers. The bottled water industry is evil to the core. If you live in a place where you can drink tap water without getting sick, then drink tap water. It’s gotten completely out of control.

What was your favorite Mizu product on this trip and why? The bottles. I didn’t buy 1 plastic bottle of drinking water in 3 weeks. I saved money and felt good about it every day. The water in NZ happens to be extremely fresh, so we were lucky. Single-use plastic bottled water should actually be illegal in NZ. There is no reason to have it there.

Do you often see a lot of trash on your travels? Yes. Especially in 3rd world countries or places where they have low or no standards for keeping the environment clean. It’s also pretty bad in places where you can’t drink the tap water. Morocco was one of the worst places I’ve ever seen. Mexico is pretty bad too.

What inspires you to get outdoors and see the world? I’m inspired to get out there because you can. We are lucky and super privileged to have the opportunities to see the world, so I can’t imagine not taking advantage of the chance.

What does “enjoy the journey, leave nothing behind” mean to you? Clean up after yourself. Stop using plastic bags, plastic cutlery and plastic water bottles. Don’t be a victim of industrial waste producers with no conscience. Stop supporting rich corporate criminals. Don’t pay and play into their world of garbage. It’s gross.

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